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Learning spaces

Over the last few years, I have been asked to work with children and teaching staff in many schools to find out about and create ideal learning spaces.

These have been different in every case. Some are inside, some are outside. Some are temporary, some permanent.

A dense jungle corridor in key stage 1, a peaceful green oasis amongst inner city high-rises, a military headquarters with water guns that doubles up as a nature hide, a fabric wrapped disco gazebo to dull the sound of aircraft, a magical fairytale reading corner, a edible garden classroom with insect hotels, a classroom space station that can change with every new theme…….what would your ideal learning space be?

I  can work with pupils and staff to bring your ideas to life, demonstrate how some ideas are achievable and show why others might not work (three storey pizza factory with a swimming pool on top was always going to be a non-starter) and help everyone get involved in creating the finished space.

Published: 2nd July 2010


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