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The Hurtful Taunts & Music

The Hurtful Taunts is my ongoing non-profit musical project. A sprawling musical collective, the group encompasses not only music but art, costume, dance, film, poetry and beyond. The stories and sounds are rooted in the world of Americana and embrace Tex-Mex, Mariachi, Flamenco, blues, gospel, traditional country, gypsy and a whole host of other disparate influences. I  write all of the songs and they grow in the studio with the tremendous creativity of the rest of the collective. The connected lyrical stories inform all my artwork and then lead into other artforms.  Regular recording sessions take place at Airtight Studios in Chorlton and the band play live whenever their busy other lives allow.

The  Slaughterhouse Sermon are a menacing new band project fixated with dirty horn driven rock ‘n’ roll, underground gang culture and utter lawlessness….they’ll be appearing across the web in the coming months……

To hear more tracks from The Hurtful Taunts and for more information  go to:    (click on ‘Bandpage’  symbol to access songs….


The Hurtful Taunts CDs are will soon be available to download for free and the band are available for bookings on 07960 736579.

Music is a big part of my practice and is often an extended outcome from art and creative writing projects.

I also write, record and arrange songs to commission for projects and events. Do ring for more details.

Published: 27th October 2010


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