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Poetry/Max Seymour

Alongside art and music, writing has always been my other passion. Apart from lyrics penned for post-school bands, I’d always kept my poetry and stories under lock and key until in 1997 I anonymously entered a tape of surreal poetry for the National Performance Poetry Prize and was terrified to hear I had subsequently won (having never performed it). There began a decade of gigs, radio and TV recordings  as the hairless and badly dressed cumudgeon Max Seymour.

Max has been  in permanent hibernation as I concentrated fully on The Hurtful Taunts project.

The material I write for the Hurtful Taunts has become an outlet for an altogether different way of storytelling using a much darker style of writing. I’ve included images here too, of  poetry from various projects. Poetry and creative writing are an integral part of my practice in education.

A limited number of Max’s last full colour book ‘Money for Old Rupert’ are still available to give away to good homes as well as a few copies of his CD on Eli Records ‘Soiled Goods’. There are a couple of recent clips of Max performing in St. Annes Square on Youtube…..

Published: 28th October 2010

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