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From the hundreds of varied projects I’ve written and delivered it is very hard to choose several to put up here. The following have been some of my favourites for completely different reasons. Sometimes outcomes aren’t what you expect them to be. A whole group may benefit from a project or a single individual. I encourage people to take risks and try the unknown.My focus is always on process and if a satisfying end product comes from that process that’s an added bonus.
I can create projects whatever your requirement, deliver teacher insets and bring in fellow practitioners with other specialisms.


Geography linked Primary/Secondary: Settlements/Living in extremes
Art History: Colour and Artistic Movements from Early Humans to Digital Art
Pirates: Character based workshops including art/drama/handling collection/music
WW1/WW2: Character based workshops including creative writing/art/drama
Slavery: Introduction to: African tribal culture/ traditional mask making using collection
Around the World in Art: Japan/Mexico/France/Africa/Inuit Art etc
KS1/KS2 Music sessions leading into creative writing/art
Coast: Creating 3D beach dioramas/creative writing
Storytelling sessions
with our gypsy caravan ‘Queenie’ (additional cost)
Travelling Museum timeline sessions across school sessions
Skeleton and bone structure drawing sessions with real examples (big collection)
Den building: Settlements/Totems//Headresses/Currency/Flag making etc
SERIES:Multi media creative journey from one stimulus

All of these can be adapted for KS2/KS3 and please ask for KS1 and can include a range of different art outcomes, creative writing, music, puppetry and film and drama.

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Learning spaces

Over the last few years, I have been asked to work with children and teaching staff in many schools to find out about and create ideal learning spaces. These have been different in every case. Some are inside, some are outside. Some are temporary, some permanent. A dense jungle corridor in key stage 1, a […]

Published: 2nd July 2010

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Gatley Primary School

I now work at Gatley as a resident Creative Partner 2 days a week delivering the Arts Award programme, working with Pupil Premium pupils and writing and delivering specific creative lessons for each class and key stage. This fantastic school is head of a cluster group specilising in delivering a creative curriculum across all Key […]

Published: 12th May 2010

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